6 year old attacked by snake



An Australian mother woke to the curdling screams of her son at his family home near Macksville. He was being attacked in his bed when he was sleeping by a three-meter long python. Tyler, was sleeping in the top bunk in his bedroom , on the NSW Mid North Coast about 11.30pm when the snake bit him several times on his face and hand.

Ms Thurgood said:
“I jumped out of bed and went to Tyler to find a big snake wrapped around the bed head.

“I grabbed his arm to pull him off the bed, but he was stuck. So I rolled him and then pulled.”

Ms Thurgood said he had been bitten on the face and finger.

Two male relatives who were called to the property and killed the 2.5m (8ft) snake.
Snake experts described the encounter with what was probably a coastal carpet python as an “unfortunate chance meeting” These snakes usually bite only using self defense, and around 95% of people bitten were either trying to catch or kill the reptile.