Belfast City Council Plans to Remove Old Grave Stones at Dundonald Cemetery

Belfast City Council is currently reviewing the headstones at Dundonald Cemetery and various others across the city. Apparently some of the headstones are illegal because they were not erected by approved monumental masons who are not officially recognised by the council. Progress in underway to identify theses headstones and a letter will be sent to the deed holder. If they don’t reply in 3 months. The council will remove the headstone all together.

A council spokeswoman said

“The markers referred to are to indicate unsafe memorials, they will not carry names. There is an installation charge for erecting memorials,”

Jim Rodgers, Ulster Unionist councillor said: “Headstones are falling over and injuring people and sometimes hospitalising them. “This is a very sensitive area and we want to handle it in such a manner that we are not going to cause distress and worry to any family whose loved one is buried in that grave. “We have got to ensure that all our cemeteries are safe for people to visit.” “We were startled by the number of headstones that were not fitted properly and were not done by one of the recognised sculptors.”

Recognised Sculptors? So who’s fault is that in the first place Jim? The council for letting people erect headstones in the grave yard in the first place? Or a bereaving family who’d have enough to deal with? On one hand we agree these places should be safe, On the other, making council money to erect new headstones (for the dead) would be a pretty illicit.