Belfast Teen Tortured & Raped With Musical Instruments

2 men where in Belfast Magistrates on Friday charged with a horrific sexual attack on a 17 year old man in Belfast City Centre. Sex attacks included using a drum stick and a music stand to cause extreme discomfort.

The jury was told that when the 17 year old victim entered the flat he was thrown onto the sofa and the accused produced 2 knives. Throughout the ordeal the men repeatedly threatened the victim saying they were going to murder him and knew people who could dispose of his body. He was badly beaten and locked into a cupboard. The accused are Darren Fu, a local musician and another man who cannot be named for legal reasons. After the ordeal the attackers gave the victim 6 bags of drugs to sell and he was released. The victim went straight to the police. They both face up to 15 years in jail.

Accused attacker: Darren Fu received 11 years jail time, the other man who cannot be named received 6 year s