Here’s some of the Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Here’s some of the Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil! Yes another one taking the world by storm over the last year for various reasons. The first time we bought it we though it was off due to the texture as we thought it would be more like vegetable oil than a paste. Coconut oil is pure fat but, its the good fat… a medium chain fatty acid. Here are some benefits of coconut oil

Anti Parasitic / Viral – Can kill infections in the gut. Destroys virus pathogens like the flu, herpes and more

Anti Oxidant – Protects the body against free radical damage

Anti Inflammatory

Anti Carcinogenic – Boots immunity and stops cancer cells spreading

Helps Protect the liver

Its its a fat loss burner! It will give your metabolism a boost and give your thyroid function a boost.

If you like coconut flavour you just eat a couple of spoonfuls or you can make bulletproof coffees shown below: