Man living in Ards jailed for 12 months for child cruelty



A man living in the Ards Peninsula has been jailed for 12 months for two horrendous counts of child cruelty on his own 9 month old daughter. The child’s mother noticed massive bite marks to her face, when she confronted her partner he said he didn’t know anything about it. Later he admitted to sucking on the child’s face to stop her crying but it was stated there were embedded teeth marks in the babys cheek.

The couple then broke up shortly after but the childs mother continued to let her ex see his daughter. When the child was just under 2 she was rushed to hospital and treated for a spiral fracture to her arm. The injury was deemed as non accidental and the man was questioned. He said he found the child lying on the floor and her arm was twisted around her back, when he picked her up he tried to fix her arm and heard a clicking sound and it seemed kinda lose. He was then arrested. Today, Judge Gordon Kerr QC said: “Such appalling offences against a helpless and vulnerable baby cannot be treated lightly.” Both Mother and Father cannot be named to protect the child.

The child is now thriving and living with a family member