Ulster Hospital Opens it’s £112 Million Ward Facility

Ulster Hospital Opens it’s £112 Million Ward Facility

The new £112 million in-patient ward block at the Ulster Hospital has now opened and has been handed over to the trust. The wide corridors are designed to provide maximum natural light and to ensure free movement of beds and equipment around each ward. Within these corridors there are two sitting areas for both relatives and patients.

Each ward is L-shaped with the main staff base located at the corner of the L providing clear views to the ward entrance and rear exit. There are sub-staff bases located at each end of the ward. The ward clerk sub-base is at the ward entrance that is to provide a meet and greet service for visitors.

There’s a monitoring system at each staff beds for the nurse call system and access control to the ward. Each ward has 24 en suite single bedrooms with every patient getting their own private room. The floor to ceiling vision windows between the room and the corridor enable optimal observation of patients. The latest technology has been incorporated for staff and patient communication.

The bedrooms are designed to ensure patient privacy and dignity, improving infection prevention and control and provide a high standard of clinical accommodation for generations to come. Each room has two defined areas, a clinical area and a patient area. The bespoke cabinetry incorporates clinical hand wash facilities, integrated bins, dispensers and patient storage and the patient’s individual medicine coverage.

Each en suite at the new Ulster Hospital Ward Unit provides ease of access for both mobile patients and wheelchair users. The cabinetry also incorporates integrated clinical and non-clinical bins and tile dispenser. Courtyards provide points of interest for patients and relatives and to assist with way-finding. The medicines management clean utility room will be used for the storage and preparation of medicines. Work stations are incorporated for use by both pharmacy and nursing staff.

The ward’s pneumatic tube is located in this room and provides a service to both pharmacy and the laboratories. Level 2 of the building includes day procedures, pharmacy, cardiac investigations and the cafe.