World War III is knocking


The White house president is discussing the possibility of sending artillery to the South China Sea. At the same time China is planning to build military bases on artificial islands in the contested region. From a Chinese army source it’s been quoted that they plan to install surface-to-air missiles named Howitzer set to go ahead.
While this is happening you have North Korea making fresh nuclear threats this week. In Syria you have Russia, Iran, Turkey, USA and Saudis all competing to form the future of Syria. The decision in the China region raises the worrying prospect of clashes between U.S. Forces and Chinese jets, which are readily dispatched to islands controlled by Beijing. The renewed American presence could set up a bloody clash between the two forces.

White house authorized a series of “freedom of navigation” exercises close to China’s military bases.
Operations should be continued to challenge the communist state’s territorial claims in china said by president Obama.